Pastor George Barcus:

I am an Arizona Native currently living in Parker, AZ. I serve as the pastor to three churches, Parker UMC, Blythe Community UMC, and Needles UMF. I began this journey officially on July 1, 2013, after being appointed by Bishop Bob Hoshibata of the Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church.

This blog is specifically one way for the leaders to communicate our ideas and thoughts concerning the future of these three churches. I will do my best to post multiple times per week with some ideas that are developing in order to utilize the technology and other resources to make all three churches vital and healthy. The challenge is that we all have different opinions as to what that may mean or even look like.  Under the leadership and guidance of our district and conference, we are working on our understanding of vitality and how we support these three churches with our Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service and Witness. 

If you have any questions about any of the three churches individually or corporately please contact me, Pastor George Barcus by using the contact form below.

Shalom Y’all

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