And the curiosity has risen!!

OK, So yesterday I made a decision to update my Facebook profile picture with a rainbow in support of the ruling from SCOTUS. It was no easy decision to make such a statement. So far the response has been interesting. So far I have received 17 likes, one “glad you took a stand”, one “really?”, one huh, and one attempt at being funny. So what have we learned? What have I learned?

What in the heck then do I believe? I knew when I posted there would be some that would at minimum shake their head. I am thankful that, to my knowledge, no one has unfriended me. In my last blog, written yesterday, I spoke about the four lenses in which I make sense of life; Scripture, Experience, Reason, and Tradition. I spoke of a little of my experience with those from the LGBTQ community and the conversations I have had with them. There are a couple with whom I have had extensive conversations and I have seen the fruit of the Spirit (See Galatians 5:22-3) pouring out of them way beyond some who are considered “good Christians”. I consider when Peter gets to Cornelius’ home and how he watched them being filled with the Holy Spirit to the point where he could come back to Jerusalem and report that he baptized them because God had shown him a reality that God’s love goes far beyond the people of Israel. (See Acts 10) So my experience of God’s love flowing through others, and reasoning that I see the work of God through people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity allow me to see this as a social justice issue.

So let me talk about the scripture side for a moment. I spoke of John 13:34 in my previous post. I have read the Leviticus scripture a number of times, and to be honest have even used it myself. What is Scripture? Did God dictate it? Is it to be read as a constitution or book of law? Is it a love letter to humanity? Many will start heading to 2 Timothy 3:16. What does it mean to be inspired by God? I believe it is useful for teaching, showing our faults, to correct our thinking, and training us in character. I read it and see how far I often times not only miss the mark, but I even miss the target. When I see my failings that Scripture points out in my life I can break that down to my self-centeredness. I fail at loving God with all I am and my neighbor as myself. I stand condemned time and time again. I can only get back up by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. In Matthew 19 Jesus points out that some are born eunuchs. Science has shown that during gestation there are times when gender identity is confused. It happens. Are we to love them less? We do not know when someone becomes ‘gay’, but we do know that it happens and it is not something someone would choose, like I chose to change my profile picture. Is it written in our DNA? Is it Nature or Nurture? I cannot tell you. What I can say is that I believe in a God bigger than any of the issues we are talking about. I believe in the sovereignty of God to the point that God will do what is right. I believe that Jesus taught that the economy of God is based on the currency of love. I have seen more love in gay couples than I have heterosexual couples. I believe love wins, God’s love. I believe the Bible is a library written over a couple thousand years of oral tradition and people trying to figure out the world and how this spiritual force we call God created and continues to create even to this day. I believe it was written by men who, under the inspiration of God, told the stories and shared their experiences. It was composed by prophets, priests, and poets. I believe in a final judgment where we will all stand before God and give an account for our lives.

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