The Story We Find Ourselves In

The Story We Find Ourselves In is a book by Brian D. McLaren, a progressive Christian writer. Recently I have read this book which is a fictional story that deals with science and the Biblical story in a way that some would find very blasphemous. I can imagine the quotes from Paul’s letter to Timothy 6:3-4, about strange teachings for those who would rebuke the story. Fear is an interesting thing. We are good at quoting the first half of the scripture and fail to recognize the part about the teaching being consistent with Godliness.

We all struggle in many ways, so this is one area I would say to do as scripture says and test the theology that is revealed in the story. While I can say I am not 100% sold on the entire writing as a theological truth, it is filled with much that I find consistent with the Biblical narrative and the teachings of Christ.

I feel I am in good company, but do not want to claim this as all my teachings, as I have heard this theme from much of the writings I have been reading from people like Dallas Willard, Richard Rohr, N.T. Wright, Phyllis Tickle, Diana Butler Bass, Brian McLaren, and others. There were also a few others who have challenged the status quo understanding of scripture such as Martin Luther and John Wesley. Neither would say their work was to intentionally start a new movement, but to help people live out the calling of Christ in their lives. Out of their faithfulness to their calling movements were born.

What is most important about our understanding of the way of the world?