Living in the Kingdom NOW

Last Sunday, August 10, in Parker, AZ I began to roll out a sermon series, “Living in the Kingdom NOW!” with the opening message ‘The Whole Enchilada’. The scriptures used were Psalm 1 and Matthew 5-7. The thoughts that have brought me to this series stem from a number of the late Dallas Willard’s writings and my thoughts as I reflect on his thoughts and the scriptures he used. To say Dallas’ writings have made an impact would be an understatement. Here is a link to that message One challenge I have in posting this is Blythe Community United Methodist Church will be seeing this message in worship this Sunday.

The first of his works I went through is Living in Christ’s Presence, which is a seminar he and John Ortberg offered in February 2013. Dallas’s writings are so well crafted. They never answer a question directly, but lead the reader to a place where they can think through his thoughts. I had to ask myself if I liked the writings because they seemed to line up with my beliefs. To which I would have to answer yes and no. Yes, there were some threads in his writings that I had been thinking and trying to live out. No, because he has gone so much deeper into the realities of those thoughts. In other words, at least on the ‘no’ side, what I was beginning to think were like little seeds I had been planting and I walked into his garden and was able to see how short my thoughts had come.

As we go forward on this journey I invite you to use the comment section to respond with your thoughts. I know I am right about some things and wrong about others, it is just difficult at times to discern which is which.

I look forward to the discussions that will be coming out of this series so please don’t hold back your thoughts.


Shalom Y’all

Pastor George