Personality Types

There are many personality types in this world. We can look at these factors and see how diverse the people of God are. There are two primary testing batteries that I find helpful. First is the standard Myers-Briggs personality test and the second I use is called the enneagram. Have you ever taken one of these tests before? Most people have at one time or another taken some form of the Myers-Briggs. The Enneagram is less known universally. When I was going through my CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) classes I introduced the Enneagram to the leader of the class. She took a bit of time to research it and did not like it because it not only told you what makes you tick, but also what areas you will struggle with. The particular review she read called the struggle areas your ‘Sin Potential’. I can understand why someone would not want to think of their shortcomings in this manner, but I find it to be a useful tool to inform a person of where they will struggle, because when you know where you will fall short it is easier to overcome and turn the negative into the positive.

In the Needles Focus Group last night the question came up as to how we would determine who would be the leaders from the various campuses. I will admit I had not completely thought that through. This would be a decision I would leave to each campus to a certain extent. Sometimes until we are faced with a specific question it may not have even crossed our minds. This is one I had thought about to a certain extent, but not enough to be able to answer the specific question about it. In my mind the leaders have a tendency to rise out of the crowd. So what would the criteria be for a leader?

One key element will be someone who has bought fully into the vision. Someone that sees the vision as a place we are headed, enough to disagree when their gut is telling them not to go down a certain path, yet open enough to engage in a dialogue concerning the challenges and not just agree because that is the ‘easy’ thing to do. Unity not uniformity will be the result. The difference is that we will not all think and agree alike, you may have heard it this way, the ability to agree to disagree about a subject. When it comes down to a vote over an issue that leader will accept the majority vote and not turn from there to sabotage the efforts.

I believe as the leaders are elected it will be important for them to complete both of these personality type batteries and be willing to be vulnerable to those results and therefore accountable to the leadership team.

I am going to go first here, and eventually with that group of leaders. My Myers-Briggs type is an INFP. When we understand how we are wired, our decisions and reactions will be understood more fully. It will help us all to work around and through the annoying habits we may see in others; or in this case it could help you understand what I go through to come to the conclusions I have and why I think this is the best opportunity for all three congregations.For those also checking on the Enneagram I am a 7.

Here is what I have discovered about me and the how and why I do what I do. I am seen sometimes as a rebel or at least often feel rules are confining, I am very flexible, until my core values are violated. I tend to be a bit reserved and value deep, authentic relationships that allow for mutual growth. I am open minded, insightful, idealistic who wants the work I do to matter, drawing people to a common purpose. These are the good parts. I have some areas I need to work on, and I have been working on these for quite a while. Things such as speaking the compliments I see in others. I see a lot of things I like about people, I am not always good at telling them I see their admirable qualities and work ethic. I am working on it!! I am also working on not being critical of others when they do things that seem illogical to me.

From the Enneagram side, being a seven points to me always looking for the new and innovative approach to what I do. My ‘sin’ is that what I have done before, I am over it and ready to move on to the next thing even when I am not finished with what I am currently doing or experiencing.

I would welcome any insights you have about me from the time we have spent together so far. I want so much FOR each of these congregations. Anything I can do to help be a better leader and bring out the leadership qualities God has given each of us is a beautiful thing.

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