Nobody has any questions?

I find it interesting that there are not that many people looking at, commenting, or asking questions. Is it a sign that there are not that many who really care? Is it that folks don’t feel like their input would make any difference? Or maybe everyone who reads this has agreed to everything I have said.

What would you do if you were trying to lead something and you were not receiving feedback on your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Nobody has any questions?

  1. I have a few thoughts on this. First of all, I consider myself pretty computer literate and have had some difficulties with this blog. Many of our elderly members don’t use the computer much. I think there are no questions for the reasons you have mentioned. From our congregation, there are many who just want to attend services and not be involved or bothered. I think many see this as already in place . . . aren’t we already 3 campuses of the United Methodist Church (just with one minister serving all three)? Then there are many who want us still to be “Parker United Methodist Church” and don’t want to lose our individual identity. Most don’t see how this will change anything. I may be wrong, and will ask around and make myself available for comments for those who might have some.

    • First off, thanks for your reply.

      For those who are having trouble responding in this forum you can use my personal email address, any of the churches individual email addresses or call me. The information is in each bulletin, on my cards, and available from any off the three church’s websites.

      For those who don’t want to be ‘bothered’ I weep.

      So what will the difference be? Yes we are currently three United Methodist Churches served by one pastor. None of these three churches has or knows what there vision and mission is to the point where it is lived out in the life of the congregation. If that sounds harsh or even unfair I would be open to hearing where I am wrong. This is not a reflection on any specific individuals, but of the congregations in general. There are those who are out trying to make a difference for the sake of Christ in each community. I will not name them, as this could take away their humility in service.

      There are two (2) things in this proposal. First is to adapt the vision of, “Creating a place where the transforming love of God is made real.” The second is to unite as one congregation in three locations around the vision.

      Why is vision important? Proverbs 29:18 tells us, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Without a vision there is little to rally around, we are like three ships on the ocean without navigation equipment or a rudder, floating around hoping not to hit something and sink. People may not like having a vision because it can feel restrictive, we live in a culture of doing what feels good and avoiding anything that might hurt. That is one reason pain management is such a huge part of the medical field, we don’t like to hurt.

      The vision becomes a way of testing what we are doing and what we are not to do. This informs our decisions as a council. It also becomes something we can go back to in order look at what we have done and see where we might need some improvement before the next time. It keeps us accountable and focused. Creating the one church is risky in that we will also be accountable to one another. Here is a general five year plan that will help guide our discussions in the coming weeks:

      The first year will be a transition year. During the first year we will be creating a covenant council, which will be the overseer of the vision. Each church will have equal representation in the covenant council. This will also be the time when the leaders at each campus will be looking through demographic studies and discerning how they are going to make an impact in the communities that will allow people to experience the transforming love of God in real ways. We will be working with a consultant who is experienced in multi-site churches helping to guide the way. Also during that first year we will be looking at financial structures and setting up protocols for the handling of finances which will go into one account. (before you completely shut the door on this hear me out… the covenant council will have representation from each church to oversee the finances!! There will also be an outside person/firm overseeing finances as well.) We will need to find a secretary capable of creating and producing newsletters. This person or persons can be a volunteer, but will likely end up as a paid staff member. Communication will be an upmost priority, in fact we will likely over communicate. While not exhaustive, this is a general overview of the first year.

      Years two and three will be years of building on what we do in the first year. By the end of the third year we should have enough growth at all three campuses to be able to request a second pastor. This will also be a time of looking to expand to communities such as Quartzite, Bouse, Parker Strip, and ??? That is one of the beauties of multi-site, getting new gathering places started is reasonable inexpensive. During the first three years we will be developing home groups or study groups, which will be fairly small in size.

      In the five year plan I would see us needing to get a third pastor and we will continue to evaluate each campus’ needs for staff. By this time each should be able to also support youth and/or children’s ministry leaders to help coordinate and lead appropriate age level activities.

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