Today’s thoughts…

There are many churches that are using this multi-site model for church. Included in this are churches like Ginghamsburg UMC which has four campuses, Church of the Resurrection which has 4 campuses, Grace UMC in Miami, FL has four campuses, North Point (not a UMC Church) 6 campuses, Bay Area Fellowship 9 campuses. Sea Coast Church 10 campuses. Mars Hill Church 15 campuses. All of these started as a single church and have expanded, but it happened when the people of the congregations caught the vision not only for the church they were participating in, but in ways the mission and ministry could be multiplied. Some of the extension campuses were struggling churches that were incorporated into the main campus. Some were new church plants.

What is different about our situation? We are three churches in various stages of life and with some different challenges. One of the biggest challenges is that all three have been talking about how to grow and become vital. There have been some great ideas talked about, but some have felt they never came to fruition for various reasons. I can sense some frustration as we talk about the past, which is something good to learn from, but we cannot linger there.

When we are looking outward and much of what we see are places to lay blame for the struggles we are living through, we miss the opportunities the possibilities God is putting right in front of us.

So lets look out into our world for what could be. What are the possibilities. What are we holding so tight that we are afraid of letting go of? What do we have trust in? I am praying that this Sunday’s message will help us all see the possibilities. Will you come to watch with an open heart and mind?

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